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Nebraska/Wisconsin Preview (subscription) Nebraska/Wisconsin Preview (subscription) Coach Doc Sadler has gone with a four-guard starting lineup with his big man sidelined. After posting a season-high 20 points in a 60-46 win over Alcorn State on Dec. 17, McCray ...
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Bo Pelini
21 hours ago
North Platte Telegraph Bottrell: New Nebraska coach hits all the right notes North Platte Telegraph I'd urge fans to take a note from the new coach: Be even-keeled and patient. Riley is the type of guy who likely would have made Oregon State his final destination ... 24
Bo Pelini
14 hours ago
MnB Opponent Q&A: Corn Nation Maize n Brew Nebraska enters 2015 without Bo Pelini , but take a look at what he left in place for Mike Reiley to make a charge in their division. And as a special treat the .... Nebraska fans want to read about how much other teams hate to ... 21
Bo Pelini
12 hours ago
Lincoln Journal Star Blackshirts strive for the C's: Chemistry and consistency Lincoln Journal Star "Last year I kind of got the cold shoulder sometimes because I was one of the younger guys," Gerry said Friday during Nebraska's appearance at Big Ten ... 17
Bo Pelini
12 hours ago
Lincoln Journal Star Fitz hails 'street fights' against Huskers Lincoln Journal Star Pat Fitzgerald got the record wrong when he referenced Northwestern's series against Nebraska since the Huskers joined the Big Ten in 2011. But more ... "I'll ... 16
Huskers Fan Day
2 hours ago
Lincoln Journal Star No more Husker players' numbers on fan jerseys Lincoln Journal Star 15 -- as in 2015 -- will be sold at the Huskers Authentic team store. Next year, it'll be 1 and 16. Licensees selling jerseys are limited to the same numbers, and nobody ... 7
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