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Bleacher Report Nebraska Football NFL Draft Tracker Bleacher Report The first player projected to be snatched is linebacker LaVonte David, but we'll also keep an eye on where Alfonzo Dennard, Jared Crick and Marcel Jones go. You know the drillit's time to pu ...
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Pelini Comments
3 hours ago
Pelini glad to have Armstrong on his side Lincoln Journal Star "He has great leadership skills, and he's a tremendous competitor," Husker coach Bo Pelini said Monday, two days after the 38-17 win. "That part of it, that's one thing you never question ... 63
Bo Pelini
11 hours ago
Big Red Report (subscription) Bo Pelini and Nebraska ready for day game Big Red Report (subscription) LINCOLN, Neb. - After five straight primetime contests, including three on the road, Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini is ready for a day game. "You get back l ... 61
Pelini Comments
8 hours ago
Records mean little to Abdullah without wins Chicago Daily Herald That's all Ameer has on his mind," coach Bo Pelini said . "Ameer has high standards for himself, but at the end of the day he wants to win football games. That's why he came back. That's ... 60
Pelini Comments
5 hours ago Bo Pelini on ESPN's marriage to the SEC: "I don't think that kind of ... That's just my opinion," Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini said Monday. "Anytime you have a relationship with somebody, you have a partnersh ... 47
Pelini Comments
11 hours ago
Bo Pelini questions ESPN, SEC relationship It's hard to say because you just don't see, unfortunately in thsi day and age, a lot of crossovers," Pelini said . "So you don't get a lot to make that decision on, to be able to compare and contras ... 45
Pelini Comments
22 hours ago
Huskers defense answers call in second half Sioux City Journal Husker coach Bo Pelini downplayed halftime adjustments and said it was mostly a matter of just better execution. According to ... Defensive tackle Vincent Valentine "dinged his elbow," though Pelini ... 43
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